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OmniStudio decided to mix things up a bit this year, so for our ReachOut 2014 project, we collaborated with the Public Interest Registry to run a campaign where the public voted on the winner of a free website. Public Interest Registry, the not-for-profit operator of the .ORG domain, today announced the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) as the winner of the contest. NNEDV received more than 9,400 votes from organization supporters during an open public voting period. We are thrilled to work with NNEDV to create a new website that will help elevate the organization’s online presence, grow audience reach and increase awareness of its mission and programs.

“It has been a heartening experience to watch thousands of community members join together in support of the finalists and ultimately help the National Network to End Domestic Violence emerge as our first contest winner,” said Nancy Gofus, COO of Public Interest Registry. “We agree with the voting public that NNEDV’s passion and dedication exemplifies the values that we, at Public Interest Registry, long-associate with .ORG. A refreshed website not only provides the organization with an opportunity to further engage its community but also continue to inspire and lead its supporters in a new, invigorated way.”

Kim Gandy, president and CEO of the National Network to End Domestic Violence: “For over 15 years, NNEDV has worked to connect those affected by domestic violence with both their allies and policymakers to advocate for social change and fight to end domestic violence.  Our website has continuously served as the primary medium for these groups to communicate, get help and take action. We are honored for this tremendous opportunity from Public Interest Registry and OmniStudio to improve accessibility to our website and shed light on our many resources and programs that are creating an environment where violence against women no longer exists.”

“We inaugurated the ReachOut program over five years ago because we recognized the ongoing need for organizations doing charitable work to have access to updated web presences,” Eileen Kessler, CEO and Founder of OmniStudio said. “It’s really an honor to work with NNEDV and support their important mission.”

Stay tuned for more from OmniStudio as we kick off this great project!