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OmniStudio recently redesigned the GSA SmartPay site and its training section—actually two microsites combined—built within Drupal’s content management system. The newly integrated site gives Federal managers much faster pathways to the vital information they need.

Many large organizations, like GSA, find it challenging to present complex content and functionality for specific audiences within their main website. With multitudes of programs and types of users, an organization’s website can quickly become cluttered and hard to navigate. Microsites with innovative web design can solve this dilemma, offering more organized, clean, and simplified user experiences.

As the world’s largest commercial payment solution program, GSA’s SmartPay website manages travel, purchase, fleet and purchase cards, as well as buyer services for over 350 federal agencies and organizations. The SmartPay program caters to thousands of users who need very specific types of information and certification. The program’s training pages provide a learning guide and tests that are required for SmartPay program managers. With millions of hits monthly, the SmartPay site requires rapid access to key information. The site also keeps track of certificates earned and dates for renewal.

Customized Content

GSA SmartPay website main navigation with 4 types of credit card purchases

With the new GSA site, content was created and organized for the benefit of each user group. Visitors can choose between Travel, Purchase, Fleet, and Integrated groups, and then select from the two different account types: account holders or program coordinators. While the previous site bundled program coordinator and account holder information together, the new site separates these user categories to ensure that each category has direct access to the information that applies  to them.

On individual pages, simple drop-down menus help organize data without requiring additional layers of pages, and large icons provide easy links to external sites, while also making the site more mobile-friendly.

SmartPay Training Microsite

SmartPay Training Site Travel and Purchasing training, design by OmniStudio Washington DC

SmartPay’s training site provides user profiles, instructions, documents, and interactive materials so account holders can gain online certification. Omni used consistent branding to create a seamless transition between the main SmartPay site and training.

By building the training site as a microsite, GSA accomplished key goals:

  • They created a more focused path for account holder certification;
  • They made content management  simpler—admins can manage their role-specific data; account users can easily access what they need;
  • Users can leave a test and come back to it;
  • Reports are streamlined and easy to access.

Interactive SmartPay Training  

GSA SmartPay Travel Account QuizWhen building the SmartPay training microsite, OmniStudio used a special Drupal quiz module to give an interactive experience to the site. Rather than overload the microsite with facts and statistics, the module translates information into an important learning tool. All Account Holders must go through the training and take the quiz before they can receive a SmartPay card, so this module is vital to the overall success and implementation of the program.

Faster Reporting

GSA SmartPay Training Agency Quiz report, site designed by OmniStudio Washington DC

For both account holders and program coordinators, training re-certification is required every three years and data must be kept for seven years. With millions of users, this amounts to a large volume of data that must be collected, organized, and distributed.

In order to better manage the large database and speed up processes for both account holders and program coordinators, OmniStudio implemented a dynamic reporting tool that draws data from date-centric tables rather than the entire database itself. Similarly, training certificates are generated at the time they are requested, saving valuable database space and time. These streamlined processes make it easier for program coordinators to collect reports, and for account holders to request certificates.

Redesign Gets Results

Professional design is a crucial element when organizing data, particularly on complex websites. Graphics, content, and strategy work hand-in-hand in the digital world to ensure that sharing and communicating are smoother and more effective.

Following Omni’s redesign of GSA’s SmartPay site, the website received a noticeable uptick in web traffic as well as significantly lower user queries. The updated site and microsite, both of which are also responsive and adaptable to mobile devices, have helped streamline the millions of SmartPay transactions that are processed by the GSA.

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