Designing Mobile-Friendly Websites

Meet your audience where they are

Google recently changed its mobile search algorithm to reward websites designed for mobile viewing. Mobile-friendly sites are climbing in the search rankings and reaching wider audiences.

Many organizations may opt for quick fixes and wind up disappointed with their mobile sites. The best approach is to understand your web design options, avoid quick fixes, and invest in solid design.

Mapping Out Mobile Strategies

Omni will help you create a flexible strategy that will evolve with your organization’s needs. We will work with you to gather analytics information, understand your audience, and build a plan around their needs and your goals.

What do you want visitors to do?


Read and share articles

Complete forms

Watch videos

Keeping your focus on your organization’s audience, branding, and goals, the final product will be a mobile-friendly, SEO optimized site that moves your organization forward.

Web Design Options

We use responsive web design, because it adjusts in size and layout to fit any mobile screen size. Whether you are transforming a current site or starting from scratch, it is the best way—pleasing your mobile and desktop audiences while performing well with search engines like Google.

Responsive design takes careful planning, but it is relatively simple to maintain, and users get a singularly impressive experience.

Design-focused User Experience

A user-experience approach will enhance everything about the look and feel of your mobile site—fonts, colors, information architecture, graphics, and more—increasing your visitors' participation.

To deliver the best experience and website performance, we will:

  • Help you develop your mobile strategy
  • Make the site easy-to-use so that visitors get what they need
  • Monitor your analytics and provide data-driven insights
  • Seek out and welcome user feedback
  • ​Continually test and optimize your site
  • ​Change your mobile strategy to evolve with your needs

Connect with Omni

OmniStudio is a long-standing web design firm that delivers results. We will take the time to explain your options, map out an effective mobile strategy, and drive your organization forward.

We will review your mobile needs and provide you with options for making the transformation. If you complete the form below, we will contact you to arrange a meeting.

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