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Social Media and the Super Bowl

Once again, millions of people tuned in to watch two teams battle for the Lombardi trophy Sunday night. Well, probably some in that crowd tuned in just for the four million dollar commercial spots. Either way, folks were in for a real show – both on screen and on their mobile devices.  Here are some intriguing social media take-aways from the evening’s events.

Facebook Tweet

Birds of a Feather – Twitter took over the Super Bowl – first through updates on the game, and then through commercials – generating 24.1 million tweets. Beating out every other social network, Twitter was mentioned in half of all commercials. But as one Twitterian pointed out, hashtag marketing is no longer cutting edge. That’s part of what made this Facebook tweet (shown) both comical and possibly questionable. Eventually won’t we all tire of our digital distractions? Probably not.

Blackout Backup – If diehard fans weren’t tuned into their devices through the first half, they definitely connected during the 30-minute black out when even the commercials were held for silent pans of the half-lit stadium. The prize here goes to Oreo’s social media team for almost instantly responding to the blackout by tweeting an ad with a delicious image saying that Oreos can still be dunked in the dark. That one tweet was much cheaper than a commercial spot.

Game Time? – The blackout wasn’t the only time that social media users were distracted from the game. Beyonce’s half-time show generated 5.5 million tweets, and she even got in on the social media action herself by posting back stage shots to Instagram. Here’s hoping Zuckerberg’s 9am meeting will pay off next year.

With distractions abounding on social media as well as big plays in the game (oh yeah, that), it’s amazing that brands still spend as much as they do on ads when so many seemed to miss the mark (as an example, check out the tweets about migrant workers after Dodge Ram glorified farmers in a truck ad). What are your predictions for next year? Will we see more social media campaigns? Will Facebook figure out a way to be more relevant in the ad blitz? Do you think any of the ads actually engaged well from TV to social media platforms?