Website Security

Setting up your websites with an open-source platform, pre-made templates, quick plug-ins and inexpensive hosting solutions will expose you to a higher risk of getting hacked. A compromised website can be blacklisted, which is the swift and possibly permanent removal of your site by search engines like Google and Bing.

How To Protect Your Site

Set Up Strong Passwords

The most basic way to protect your site is by using strong, unique passwords for your website, FTP accounts, associated email addresses, and any other access points.

Assign Roles Properly

Assign the ‘least privilege’ access role to employees that do not need access to high-level roles. This will decrease opportunities for hackers to access administrative functions and exploit the most important parts of your site. 

Safe Transactions

Organizations should purchase a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate, which will safely encrypt all data between the site and the server. SSL is working properly when you see the prefix “https:” in the URL of your website.

Staying Up to Date

Carefully select your tools and plug-ins, monitor the comments and reviews about them online, and regularly check for updates to the software powering your site. This includes WordPress, third party add-ons, and any independent security software, such as virus protection.

Protection from Malware

Some programs are designed to prevent or thwart malware attacks making them essential security features for all websites. They also enable basic caching, which can help speed up your website. Your developer should conduct a web-malware detection scan regularly.

Work with Professionals

It's best to work with professionals and install safeguards from the beginning by communicating with your developer to keep your site safe. Learn to review your site's security, install updates and to set regular schedules for monitoring, maintaining and enhancing your site. 

Working with OmniStudio

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