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Designing Apps to Support Your Sales Team

Books and magazines may be the first things that come to mind when you think about reading on your iPad.  But there are many other types of materials that are perfect for tablet viewing and provide valuable information to consumers. Businesses are discovering that apps can boost their sales team’s efforts, especially when customers are far away.

From Big Trucks…

This sales presentation for Volvo FH, created by a Swedish design firm using Adobe InDesign and Mag+, shows Volvo’s trucks up close, with 360-degree photography and detailed product shots. Companies with complex, high end products and a diverse consumer audience in multiple regions are using tablet presentations to help showcase their wares in a way that can be more interesting and Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.52.17 AMconvenient than print or web viewing. Having an in-depth sales presentation tool with 3-D illustrations, video, and reference materials allows a prospective client to dig in to details at their own time and pace. App presentations also provide consultants a more personal and easy way to demo products than standard (and sometimes boring!) slide shows.

To Kitchen Supplies…


San Jamar, a top provider of restaurant supplies, also used the Mag+ platform to provide a mobile digital brochure for their sales team. The realism and visual response built into the Restaurant Solutions app makes shopping for commercial equipment feel more like a game and less like a sales demo.  As you click through products in their natural settings, clear, concise information about each immediately pops into view.  This app combines traditional layout techniques with HTML, sweeping the reader from bar, to kitchen and washroom where you can view every product. Sales apps can save time and expense by organizing all info into one updatable presentation.

Customers also like apps because they are portable and save the trouble of downloading and organizing PDFs or filing printed sales sheets. Consultants can easily refer to sections of the app to guide users to answers to questions or specific features that are important. These types of tools also work well with independent dealers who need to be up-to-date on latest product changes.  Digital apps can be updated easily and notification pushed out to all audiences or just a segment of viewers. Companies can also password protect apps that are meant only for their in-house sales team or dealers.

Want to Know More?

In the coming months we’ll be showing you other types of publishing products that are taking advantage of mobile app technology.

If you want to learn the nuts and bolts required to create apps for your organization, please join us for Omni’s HOW TO” WORKSHOP on March 25th. This morning seminar will walk through the process of creating a publication app— from InDesign to launch. Please join us!

OmniStudio works with Mag+ and other app publishing tools to help customers re-imagine their communications from traditional print publications to new digital formats.