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Visual Design

The look and feel of a site is often the first and strongest impression audiences have of an organization.

Omni creates compelling front-end solutions by accentuating your organization’s visual and cultural brand. Our team develops aesthetically pleasing sites that resonate with your target audience. And our integration of images, artwork and audio/video are based on current standards so they work seamlessly on your site.

Original, inventive, and polished solutions are hallmarks of OmniStudio’s design approach.

Omni’s design process is twofold. The first phase includes concept design where we work collaboratively with you on the critical aesthetic components. We provide you with distinct visual options and proceed iteratively, so that your input is encouraged at every step. Once a visual direction is established, detailed design is next—applying the chosen solution  to templates that were developed by Omni’s information architect. Working this way, our clients have a complete understanding of the process and technical considerations do not become an impediment to achieving a visually strong website.