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Powerful & Affordable Marketing Automation – OmniMarketing

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What is OmniMarketing?

Expanding your business is tough to do. Resources are limited, and without a dedicated sales and marketing team, the burden falls on your shoulders. OmniMarketing is our professional design and content services combined with SharpSpring’s marketing platform. With OmniMarketing, we’ll show you how to attract more business, tailor messages to your key audiences, polish your brand, and streamline your outreach efforts—all while maintaining a personal touch with your leads and contacts. Invest your time and energy in helping your customers and growing your business!

OmniMarketing Features

Know-what-interests-your-audience Know what interests your audience. We’ll show you how to stay abreast of who is visiting your website and what they are doing, giving you the context you need to personalize your outreach and content. Know what actions earn a return on investment by seeing what links people are clicking and how a contact goes from first visit to sale. Receive a list of the day’s most promising leads right in your inbox.

Build-Leads-Quickly Build leads quickly. We’ll show you how to add dynamic forms to your website and tie them into your marketing program without coding experience. Communicate faster with leads, automatically add to your contact database and sales pipeline, and set up efficient processes for segmenting leads into targeted lists.

Create-detailed-and-effective-email-campaigns Create detailed and effective email campaigns. Create emails from templates or design your own. Schedule them out, automate them, A/B test, or send tailored emails to specific customers or leads. You’ll know who clicked video, files, PDFs, or other media in your emails. Discover which messages have the most impact and personalize.

omni_marketing_automation Automate and personalize marketing. Marketing automation is going to do a lot of heavy lifting. It will take the time out of follow-up tasks while making your business look bigger and more personalized. Close business by sending the right message at the right time using powerful, behavioral-based automation. All this, while also organizing and unifying your sales, communication, and marketing efforts.

omni_dataAnalyze with comprehensive reports. Explore detailed email reports, form data, and analytics from all of your digital channels. Track business and customers with ease so that you quickly learn which marketing approaches are working, and tweak those that aren’t. Measure the impact of online ads or regular posts from Facebook, Twitter, Google, or anywhere on the web. Go beyond Google Analytics and really get to know your customers and how they interact with your content.

omnimarketing_icon3 Track everything. Track leads from their origin: website, phone, flyers, social media, guest blog sites, and anywhere else you place a web link. See what progress your sales team is making with each customer and blend sales and marketing efforts for better results. Finally see the full picture of all of your marketing efforts!

View of OmniMarketing Sales Pipeline with multiple opportunities listed A basic sales system. Stay on top of opportunities from creation to close with a bird’s eye view of your sales pipeline. This simple interface helps you manage your unique sales process. If you prefer your existing CRM system, we can explore syncing data between our system and your sales platform.

blog-builder Launch a blog quickly. Launch a blog, manage, and publish posts with beautiful templates pre-loaded in our system. Extend the reach of your content with RSS email syndication that automatically sends new posts to your contact list. There’s also a built-in widget that makes it easy for visitors to share your content on social media. No coding required.

landing-page-builder Create web pages. Promote specific products and services. Build powerful landing pages and connect them with your website tracking and contact database. Include dynamic web content that changes based on visitors’ interests and attributes. Use a simple WYSIWYG interface and point and click components to build. Deliver results quickly without coding or special programming; and, if you’d like, do it all without touching your website.

Serve-up-dynamic-web-contentServe up dynamic web content. Make your marketing more personal. Change your website content for each lead that visits. A lead visits the site for the first time? Offer her a white-paper or educational material. A customer indicates he’s ready to buy? Offer him an instant discount to close the sale. Dynamic web content will adapt to your client’s behavior.

Wellconnected-and-flexible2Well-connected and flexible. Connect to hundreds of 3rd-party software providers with APIs and Zapier integration. Truly make the SharpSpring platform your own by rebranding emails, notifications, reports and even the app itself. Rest assured your data is safe on SharpSpring’s encrypted, secure and scalable platform.


Sales and Marketing on the go!

  • Place calls and send emails from the app
  • Browse, edit, and search your contacts
  • Put notes in a contact record
  • View and edit custom form fields
  • See your customers’ actions on your website
  • Know which customers are closer to sales
  • Browse and add to your sales pipeline
  • Create reminders to follow-up with customers

Trusted support from an experienced agency.OmniStudio is Marketing Automation Certified by SharpSpring Silver Partner Certification Program Omni’s team will ensure that you have all the information and resources to successfully implement OmniMarketing. Our staff will assist with training and set up, as well as any custom services you need. We are a Silver Certified Partner of the SharpSpring Marketing Automation platform and can provide support for this powerful and affordable tool every step of the way.

Interested in learning more or receiving a demo?

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To get in touch directly regarding OmniMarketing services, please contact Eileen Kessler, President of OmniStudio, at ekessler@omnistudio.com.