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What Obama Has Done…For All of Us

If you support President Obama’s reelection, please take a moment to check out the new Facebook App we launched today: What Has Obama Done for Me?

As a private citizen and Obama supporter, I wanted to create something that was personalized and sharable for people who are eager to show their enthusiasm for the president’s campaign.

As a small business owner, I’ve seen firsthand how the Affordable Health Care Act has added benefits for my employees.  Preventative services such as mammograms and annual check-ups are now covered 100% without requiring even a co-pay.

One of our staff can keep her college-age daughter on her health insurance plan until she is 26. And as a breast cancer survivor, I don’t have to worry about being denied coverage for a pre-existing condition.

As someone who is concerned about the environment, I’m happy that Obama has put pressure on the auto industry to raise gas mileage standards significantly over the next decade. This will reduce green house gases, as well as save individuals thousands of dollars in fuel costs per year.

And I am a baby boomer who will depend on social security in the not-to-distant future, I want to support someone who will protect my investment and assure that this vital program is there for my children.

During campaigns there can be a lot of negativity and sound bites that misrepresent a candidate’s position. I wanted to bring attention to the important advances that Obama’s administration has worked hard to achieve during the past 4 years.

I hope you will share the app with your friends, family and colleagues.

Last but not least, PLEASE VOTE!