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Inter-American Dialogue Launches Central America Security Web Portal

The Inter-American Dialogue (the Dialogue) recently launched the Central America Security web portal, an aggregator with a central goal of making web-based information available to policy makers and thought leaders throughout the hemisphere. The Dialogue brings together public and private leaders from across the Americas to collaboratively address and work to resolve hemispheric challenges. The web portal, designed and developed by OmniStudio, supports the Dialogue’s efforts to advance an agenda of democratic governance, social equity, and economic growth throughout the Latin America and Caribbean nations.

“Our primary goal was that the site be an easily searchable database for research and analysis on Central American security that is presented to viewers first by subtopic,” said Rachel Schwartz, Program Associate at the Inter-American Dialogue.

Made possible through support from the Tinker Foundation, the web portal functions as an aggregator and clearinghouse of research, analysis, and resources for scholars, public officials, and thought leaders. Interactive features help guide navigation and highlight trends and developments in regional security.

One of these features offers visitors the option to view content in Spanish and English. This functionality was important to the Dialogue and highlighted throughout design discussions, as Schwartz noted that the Dialogue’s constituents communicate in both English and Spanish. “We wanted to include all content in both languages so as not to exclude information in Spanish from native English-speakers and vice versa. From an administrative perspective, it has been very easy to do this since the content populated to both versions of the site appear on the same backend admin page,” said Schwartz.

Additionally, the interactive map in the web portal helps to visually highlight information across countries, offering a comparison of different data points.