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Global Trends Database Informs the Future

What will urban transportation look like in 25 years?  How will population growth affect food security in 2050? Will trends in digital technology change the way we communicate over the next 10 years? Now thousands of questions like these can be explored with the Inter-American Dialogue’s online database: Global Trends and Future Scenarios.

The Global Trends site, designed and developed by OmniStudio, was created to give Latin American businesses, academics and policy-makers a broader look and continuing access to vital information about trends studies around the world.

Global Trends houses the most up-to-date reports on significant global issues where a visitor can: research climate change in Brazil, analyze health data in Peru, delve into Chile’s long-term energy plan, and get a grasp on the Saudi Arabian economy beyond oil—just to name a few of the cutting edge topics.

IAD Global Trends Database Mobile view of Issues filter menu on OmniStudio blogThe reports in this database provide a framework for long-term planning for business leaders, economists, educators, and policymakers. Contributors to the database include corporations, think tanks, and universities and governments.

Global Trends incorporates more than 800 foresight publications and reports from around the world in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

The website was developed in WordPress’ content management platform, giving readers the ability to search easily for information, filtering hundreds of publications and online resources by year, author, country, region, issue, and institution.  For example, if you are interested in technological innovation trends, you can choose “issue: technological innovation,” and then look deeper into reports by a single institution or author (example via mobile device):


Global Trends Database Issues as searchable icons on IAD website

Global Trends database key issues

Scholars View Database as Important Tool for Government

The IDB supported the Dialogue in the creation of the publication database. Post-launch of the site, Luis Alberto Moreno, president of the Inter-American Development Bank, said the new website will be a “useful resource for anticipating global challenges in the coming decades.”

Moises Naim, distinguished fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said the Trends site will help policymakers avoid “reinventing the wheel” since they will have insight from scores of diverse global organizations.

WordPress Provides Platform for Content Organization and Tagging

OmniStudio’s team worked closely with Sergio Bitar, a former minister of Chile, and the Dialogue’s staff to design and create the database tool. Dialogue staff wrote synopses for the articles and tagged them for the appropriate categories as they uploaded them to the site. With WordPress, content managers’ jobs are made straightforward and implementation is easy.

As more publications are stored digitally, organizations will look for ways to organize and make them more accessible to their constituents. Curating the materials for the Trends website and others like it requires thoughtful selection and can involve months of preparation. In the end, the investment is worth it.  A database resource provides more value for your members, brings new audiences to your website and boosts your organization’s reputation.

OmniStudio specializes in creating database websites. Another example of our work in this area is ACLU of Ohio’s website—a resource database emphasizing the connection between their legal work, advocacy, and public education.

For More Information on Creating Databases:

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