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Farm to Desktop: Ag Center in NJ Launches New Website

The Burlington County Agricultural Center has been a community staple in central New Jersey for over 11 years, featuring everything from a weekly farmer’s market and local entertainment to community gardens and a commercial kitchen. The Agricultural Center keeps families connected to the rich history and heritage of the region, and it is home to a variety of educational, public, and private events, all while continuing its enterprise as a working farm.

OmniStudio recently worked with Burlington County to redesign its Agricultural Center website, modernizing their brand image, improving functionality, and creating a responsive and interactive user experience on desktop and mobile.

The redesign was aimed at ensuring that the varied types of information available on the site—from events to special programs and cooking demonstrations—were easily accessible to the Center’s broad audience, including:

  • The general public
  • Potential farmers market vendors
  • Chefs
  • Musicians and entertainers

The home page of the site welcomes visitors with beautiful photos of locally grown products. Five large icons in the center of each web page serve as a unique navigational system; each icon leading to one of the five important subpages of the site. If you look closely at each custom icon, you’ll see woodblock style illustrations that evoke the rustic and down-home feel of the Agricultural Center:

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-7-45-15-pmThese kinds of visual cues guide the eye toward different facets of the Agricultural Center, while also highlighting the Center’s own creativity and community feel.


Thescreen-shot-2016-09-27-at-7-49-49-pm site prominently features a large collection of high-quality images in banners and slideshows. Large, bright graphics serve as headers and complement text, while sidebar feeds provide convenient access to an upcoming schedule of events as well as Center hours.

Custom icons draw visitors’ interest to important links to things such as forms for vendors and renters, which give a layer of offline utility to the site that meets visitors’ and the center’s practical needs.

To better support the many farmers and craftspeople who sell their products at the center, the vendors page, has its own search function that allows visitors to narrow down suppliers by type. This is a convenient way for vendors, and the general public to learn more about what the Agricultural Center is all about.


Simple Content Management

With a variety of weekly events and a long list of changing vendors, organizing information was a challenge on the Center’s old site. Now the back-end of the site allows administrators to manage and change information easily as the Center’s schedule changes. By organizing information within sidebars, administrators are able to alter parts of the site without disrupting others—timely information such as calendars, schedules, and events can be rearranged with ease.


The new Burlington County Agricultural Center website truly embodies all the values and contributions that the Center shares with the Burlington community. With its increased accessibility, usability, and navigability, the site can now benefit even more Burlington families and help strengthen the impact of the Center within the county.

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