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Effective Event and Conference Marketing

There is no substitute for in-person meetings, fundraising events and educational conferences. While meeting in one location, people make new connections, meet inspiring industry leaders, and share breakthrough ideas with their colleagues.

Live events are also a key source of fundraising and membership participation for associations and non-profit organizations.

OmniStudio works closely with our clients to raise awareness for their important meetings by designing engaging materials and online experiences to drive interest and participation.

We work with you to:

  • Develop event themes and branding
  • Deliver conference messaging in compelling and original ways
  • Build websites that integrate exhibitor and session information
  • Create online avenues for information and engagement

  • Develop and manage social media promotion
  • Design program materials and online promotion
  • Facilitate exhibitor participation
  • Produce educational brochures, newsletters and reports that support meeting initiatives

OmniStudio has worked with major organizations such as the FDIC, American Public Health Association and Pew Trust to brand and develop communications tools to strengthen their in-person events. In our work with clients, we take care to bring original ideas and craftsmanship to each project.

ACRP Conference Site
ACRP_desktop_smallOmniStudio designed and developed a responsive conference website for the Association of Clinical Research Practice. A key feature of the ACRP conference website is the integration of their expo and sessions database within their Drupal site. Working with ACRP’s event management platform, E-Show, Omni built custom filters that enable conference goers to find information easily both on their desktop and smart phones.

American Public Health AssociationAPHA_brochure
Omni works with associations like APHA to create annual meeting theme identities and conference materials. From an exhibitor’s perspective and web banners, to conference programs and advertising, Omni is instrumental in bringing visual resonance to each year’s conference.

Omni’s team worked closely with Pew’s team of environmental writers and strategists to produce the branding and collateral design for materials used to campaign for the protection of Shark species at the international CITES conference in 2013. The Year of the Sharks campaign included logo design, conference portfolio, handouts, a unique guide to shark fin recognition, media guide, and white papers.

For smaller events such as evening dinner galas or one-day conferences, Omni brings original brand design to give your important event a distinctive look. Omni developed materials to promote and facilitate the Brady’s Center annual awards gala in New York. With keynote speakers, Hillary Clinton and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, the event required an elegant design and close attention to detail for fundraising and onsite materials.
“The Brady Center program books and all materials were amazing—really top notch quality and service—thank you!”  —Jason Mida, Mida and Associates

For more information on services contact Eileen Kessler at 202-464-3050, email info@omnistudio.com, or visit our web site at www.omnistudio.com.