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Client: Lifeskills Center

GOALS: Every day the Life Skills Center in northwest Washington, makes a profound difference in the lives of adult men and women who have physical and intellectual disabilities. It’s the only bilingual center of its kind in the city, with Spanish speakers comprising half of its participants.  When we first met Life Skills we discovered that its visual identity was not aligned with the excellent quality of its services. Our goal was to give the Center a communications makeover with brand redesign, a new website, and marketing materials, to raise awareness and increase financial support for their programs.

STRATEGY: We began working with Life Skills in 2012, interviewing staff and participants, shooting photos and videos. During that year the Center hired new leadership and their programs were strengthened to concentrate on key areas such as: health and wellness, creative expression, travel, safety, advocacy and community integration. Omni’s creative team brought these programs to the forefront in the redesign of The Center’s website. It was a natural direction for the new site to bring to life the creative energy, supportive spirit, and positive home like atmosphere found at the Center. Omni also fulfilled the Life Skills need for redesigned print materials to support their in-person meetings with prospective clients and funders.

RESULTS: Life Skills redesigned logo and website captures both the creative and practical approach of the Center.  Their new site gives funders, family and the public a much clearer picture of current programs and activities. The new branding launch culminated with an Omni-sponsored exhibition of artists in 2013. Our staff worked across all levels of event planning to ensure success. From the redesign of the Center’s visual identity to event promotion strategy, to donation collection using digital solutions. With the launch of its new branding initiative, the Center has seen a 25% increase in donations and a 50% boost in web traffic.