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Client: Empowered Women International

Goals: EWI’s original site was several years old and did not represent the dramatic changes the organization has made over the past five years. EWI turned to OmniStudio to start from scratch with a clean and modern site that showcases their students’ work and the types of programs that set them apart from other entrepreneurial training centers.  Goals of the redesign included:

  • Telling the story of EWI
  • Designing a site with streamlined and visually moving elements
  • Offering online tools for visitors to connect with service providers in addition to shopping for goods
  • Building a flexible site that is easier for administrators to update and manage
  • Capturing the spirit of its artistic, international students

Strategy: Omni delved into research mode to fully understand all of the information and content that EWI needed to make available to a variety of site visitors. Working from that knowledge, we created a modern, fresh design. The  scrolling site framework allows visitors space to read and be captivated by graphics and photos that tell the story of EWI, its programs, services, and students. The compelling design brings attention to all the key components of EWI with simplicity, colorful illustrations, and a bold new look. Our developers built on the aesthetics by providing a variety of  integrated tools that promote collaboration and support between staff, donors and graduates.

Results: EWI now has a site that balances its storytelling with resources for all of its offerings. The strategic approach to information architecture and design connect EWI’s three key training programs to the profiles of featured alumni. Most significantly, EWI now has a place within its site to promote its graduates’ products and services:

  • A new online marketplace gives each entrepreneur her own “storefront” with photos and an easy e-commerce  experience
  • The directory tool enables EWI to showcase service businesses by industry with individual customization and advance search features
  • Reorganizing the navigation and content allowed EWI to incorporate more information than possible in its previous website