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Client: Anera

Goals : With the advent of open source CMS systems, Omni recommended that ANERA move its site to the WordPress platform while undergoing a total redesign in 2012.  Goals of the redesign included:

  • Giving ANERA a modern, streamlined site
  • Provide an improved medium for expanding international outreach efforts for aid programs
  • Simplify and brand ANERA’s connection to online donation platform, Convio
  • Integrate with targeted fundraising campaign initiatives

Strategy: Omni worked with ANERA to create a site that spotlighted its programs through success stories in four key areas: health, economic development, education and emergency response.  The new site required excellent content organization and easy donation capabilities, emphasizing that 96% of its budget goes directly to programmatic work.

Working with ANERA’s impressive collection of photography and its first person human-interest stories, Omni created an intuitive, easy -to-navigate site that draws people into the lives of the people ANERA supports.  WordPress’s taxonomy and tagging capabilities give ANERA an efficient way to post stories within its main focus areas. Each section offers ANERA a way to add categorizations that help clarify their services.

The new design seamlessly integrates with the Convio donation platform, maintaining a streamlined user experience for donors. With the new site, Omni also incorporated the website’s design into specific campaign pages using Premise, a tool that allows easy formatting of targeted efforts which provides unique URLs and landing pages.

Seeking an interactive method for sharing the history of the organization, Omni developed a timeline for ANERA. Highlighting key points in the organization’s history for visitors, the timeline content is simply managed by a spreadsheet that staff can change quickly.

Results: The new website and WordPress CMS system give ANERA a streamlined way to keep their new website fresh and dynamic.  With wonderful photography and compelling stories, ANERA is able to refresh content quickly, reach new audiences, and show donors that their contributions are having a important impact in the region. In addition ANERA reports in the last year with their new site and revised  AdWords efforts:

  • Average visit duration increased by 175%: from 00:45 to 02:12
  • Number of pages per visit increased by 65%: from 1.61 to 2.66
  • Bounce rate decreased by 19%: from 75.82% to 61.47%

“The new site makes the most of assets such as success stories and photographs and incorporates them in a way that encourages the user to explore more deeply.”
—Rami Azzam, director of online strategy & fundraising


Goals : With the advent of open source CMS systems, Omni […]