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Client: ACLU

GOALS: The recent launch of ACLU-CT makes it the third state ACLU affiliate OmniStudio has consulted with to completely revamp its online presence. Ohio and Illinois affiliates, like Connecticut, sought Omni’s professional services to redesign and develop new sites that are more visually engaging, more intuitive to navigate and easier to administer.
STRATEGY: Omni worked with each affiliate to capture their individual missions and programs and share that information through a complete redesign. As with all web projects, Omni’s web team begins with a thorough analysis of the sites’ goals and audiences, wireframes and concept designs before moving forward with development. For Ohio, there was a need to also integrate with a robust CRM that included advocacy tools. For both Ohio and Connecticut, making their sites mobile friendly was a high priority. All of the affiliates required ways to easily tag their content so that it could appear in specific areas of the site, without having to be entered multiple times. For Ohio, they wanted a more robust event calendar that tied into their CRM. Omni’s experience with similar types of advocacy websites led us to good technical solutions for each state.

RESULTS: Omni moved each state to a more robust content management system, enabling smoother information updating and ways to provide resources for members, media and researchers. For ACLU-CT and OH, more recent sites, we incorporated responsive design to facilitate viewing across mobile devices. For all of the sites, new social sharing tools, and prominent calls to action will help them raise awareness for the work they do to preserve individual rights and liberties throughout their states.
Features we have incorporated into the ACLU sites include:

  • Visually attractive interface with videos and photography
  • Easy-to-share site content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or by email
  • Responsive design for better display on mobile devices (Ohio and CT)
  • Sign up integration for email
  • Detailed events listings with Google maps (CT, and integration with Salsa for OH)
  • Publications archives
  • RSS feed (CT)
  • Tagging for content promotion to different sections of the sites
  • Robust legal document and legislation filters (OH)