App Design:
Where to Begin?

The App Advantage

Apps allow you to update content as needed, as well push information to your audience. Because your information can be aggregated into a single app, it's convenient for the user to access.

Organizations can use analytics to see what features/functionality users gravitate to in the app, and members can connect to one another, creating a sense of community.


Deciding which mobile devices to use and which marketplaces your app will be available is one of the earliest stages in planning. From there, sign up for developer accounts on each digital distribution platform you'd like your app to appear. Next, consider your content. Does your organization want to feature videos or images, or does the content consist mainly of text? The kinds of content that lives in your app will help determine the functionality and how the user will interact with your app. 


Developer Accounts



User Experience

What would you like your audience to do when they go to your app? Do you want to inform, educate, entertain users? Is there a specific call to action you have for your audience? Answering these questions will help you as you plan the pace of the content and the design.

Design + Build

Creating wireframes will help with organizing the content and deciding how the user will get from one place to another within the app. Take advantage of device features such as the camera, messaging, and GPS when thinking about how to present your content. 

Once the wireframes are complete, it's time to start designing your app. Keep user experience in mind, with consistent icons to help them navigate your app. Test features along the way to ensure that your audience won't become frustrated or stuck when they try to accomplish a task in the app.


After testing, it's time to launch your app! Steps vary for each marketplace, but you'll need to have the following files ready when you submit your app to the Apple Store, Google Play, or Amazon:

  • App description, keywords, age rating, and app category
  • Load screen images, icons, and screenshots of app features

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