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AOC Branding

The U.S. Capitol complex includes the famous domed monument, a campus of office buildings, and stands as a symbol of democracy throughout the world. For 10 years, OmniStudio has worked with the Architect of the Capitol (AOC), the Federal Agency responsible for maintenance, development and the preservation of the U.S. Capitol complex. Working side by side with three departments of AOC, Omni produces outreach and educational materials for its staff, Congress, and all those history buffs who love to visit.

More recently, OmniStudio was tasked to rebrand the Architect of the Capitol. Perception among leadership and staff was that the agency lacked visual structure and inconsistent messaging would leave employees feeling lost.

Through extensive research and communication, OmniStudio rebranded the AOC to reconnect with its employees, inspire visitors and help guide the public to see the agency in a new light.

In order to create a unique and successful brand, Omni focused on three major areas:

  • define a brand personality encompassing AOCs mission and core values;
  • create a unified, distinct identity through inspiring architecture and traditional craftsmanship; and
  • implement the new brand agency-wide supporting AOC’s myriad communication products and channels.

Defining the brand
By focusing on AOCs mission, values and overall history, OmniStudio set out to establish and redefine the agency’s brand. Qualities that reinforce its professional reputation in a consistent, clear and vibrant manner reveal the organization’s positive impact with its employees and clients.Known for it’s unique craftsmanship, ingenuity and tradition, the new brand for the AOC exhibits a bright and modern, professional and elegant, recognizable brand.
AOC_Tholos-2 A distinguished, unified look
Drawing inspiration from structures including friezes, window frames, arches, floor tiles, fencing, railings, lamp posts, sculptures and fountains found throughout the vast Capitol campus, OmniStudio thoughtfully selected key components, such as, color, typography and art elements that support the AOC messaging.Integrating history and tradition with current trends and best practices, the new brand is easily identified through engaging displays and communication materials that highlight the architectural details the AOC is responsible for preserving.

Implementing the brand
Materials, including imagery, presentations, publications and electronic and video messaging needed to share common elements the agency is known for. An extensive color palette, decorative, architectural designs and art elements found throughout the Capitol campus are incorporated into the new brand.Working with traditional print to dynamic, interactive experiences, OmniStudio worked with the client to redesigned all of the agency’s internal communications, including AOCs e-Newsletters seen by all 2,300+ staff.