Global internet users are approaching 3 billion.

9/10 internet users
always use the internet
in their native language.

1/5 Europeans say they never browse the
internet in languages
other than their own.

42% say they never purchase products
in languages other
their own.


The internet is more and more localized to accommodate users’ cultural and linguistic preferences and proficiencies. Multilingual websites incorporating the ten "macro languages" can reach 84.3% of the world's internet-using population, which is about 2.5 billion people.

Abroad and at Home

Over 35 million Americans speak Spanish at home, and 38% of them say Spanish is their dominant language.

Translating Your Organization's Website:

  • establishes rapport and trust
  • spreads information quickly
  • delivers messages with greater accuracy
  • simplifies engagement
    (donate in your country's currency)
  • makes it easier to be found
  • makes it easier to be shared

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