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Our Portfolio

OPIC Annual Report

Goal: OPIC is the U.S. Government’s development finance institution. It mobilizes private capital to help solve critical development challenges and in doing so, advances U.S. foreign policy. Because OPIC works with the U.S. private sector, it helps U.S. businesses gain footholds in emerging markets, catalyzing revenues, jobs and growth opportunities both at home and abroad.

For the past 12 years OPIC has relied on OmniStudio to create its Annual Reports.  Each year the report reflects the accomplishments of the organization and is used extensively as a marketing tool by OPIC staff at special events, workshops and meetings with key investment partners.

Omni has consistently produced award winning publications that exceed expectations and have an extended shelf live beyond typical Annual Reports. Our strategy, design and technical services include:

  • Publications branding
  • Special report design and production
  • Marketing materials
  • Editorial services
  • Print management

Strategy: At the start of each report our design team meets with the OPIC team to evaluate the goals for the year. We provide photo research, artwork and suggest techniques for printing to reinforce the messaging. Our senior designers work to develop unique concepts for consideration and we follow through with expert production and print management.

Results: The OPIC Annual Report is a much-anticipated product within the organization. The reports have won accolades within the industry, including the prestigious Best of Category Award from the Printing Industries of America.


Empowered Women International

Goals: EWI’s original site was several years old and did not represent the dramatic changes the organization has made over the past five years. EWI turned to OmniStudio to start from scratch with a clean and modern site that showcases their students’ work and the types of programs that set them apart from other entrepreneurial training centers.  Goals of the redesign included:

  • Telling the story of EWI
  • Designing a site with streamlined and visually moving elements
  • Offering online tools for visitors to connect with service providers in addition to shopping for goods
  • Building a flexible site that is easier for administrators to update and manage
  • Capturing the spirit of its artistic, international students

Strategy: Omni delved into research mode to fully understand all of the information and content that EWI needed to make available to a variety of site visitors. Working from that knowledge, we created a modern, fresh design. The  scrolling site framework allows visitors space to read and be captivated by graphics and photos that tell the story of EWI, its programs, services, and students. The compelling design brings attention to all the key components of EWI with simplicity, colorful illustrations, and a bold new look. Our developers built on the aesthetics by providing a variety of  integrated tools that promote collaboration and support between staff, donors and graduates.

Results: EWI now has a site that balances its storytelling with resources for all of its offerings. The strategic approach to information architecture and design connect EWI’s three key training programs to the profiles of featured alumni. Most significantly, EWI now has a place within its site to promote its graduates’ products and services:

  • A new online marketplace gives each entrepreneur her own “storefront” with photos and an easy e-commerce  experience
  • The directory tool enables EWI to showcase service businesses by industry with individual customization and advance search features
  • Reorganizing the navigation and content allowed EWI to incorporate more information than possible in its previous website

The Conservation Fund

OmniStudio developed The Conservation Fund’s website using a combination of modern, clean, simple design aesthetics and their excellent photography. The site presents the multifaceted  work of the organization in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate format.

Features include:

  • Detailed design for all interior pages
  • Complete WordPress development
  • Custom taxonomy and navigation structure
  • Media Gallery—Features photography and videos from the field
  • Interactive U.S. Map linking data and state activities
  • Intranet which is a resource and repository of internal communications

A unique feature of the site is the  “Go Zero” Calculator. This interactive calculates household carbon footprints, and is integrated with the organization’s CRM system provided by Salsa Labs.  Data collected from Go Zero feeds directly into their supporter database via Omni customized programming using the Salsa’s API.



Goals : With the advent of open source CMS systems, Omni recommended that ANERA move its site to the WordPress platform while undergoing a total redesign in 2012.  Goals of the redesign included:

  • Giving ANERA a modern, streamlined site
  • Provide an improved medium for expanding international outreach efforts for aid programs
  • Simplify and brand ANERA’s connection to online donation platform, Convio
  • Integrate with targeted fundraising campaign initiatives

Strategy: Omni worked with ANERA to create a site that spotlighted its programs through success stories in four key areas: health, economic development, education and emergency response.  The new site required excellent content organization and easy donation capabilities, emphasizing that 96% of its budget goes directly to programmatic work.

Working with ANERA’s impressive collection of photography and its first person human-interest stories, Omni created an intuitive, easy -to-navigate site that draws people into the lives of the people ANERA supports.  WordPress’s taxonomy and tagging capabilities give ANERA an efficient way to post stories within its main focus areas. Each section offers ANERA a way to add categorizations that help clarify their services.

The new design seamlessly integrates with the Convio donation platform, maintaining a streamlined user experience for donors. With the new site, Omni also incorporated the website’s design into specific campaign pages using Premise, a tool that allows easy formatting of targeted efforts which provides unique URLs and landing pages.

Seeking an interactive method for sharing the history of the organization, Omni developed a timeline for ANERA. Highlighting key points in the organization’s history for visitors, the timeline content is simply managed by a spreadsheet that staff can change quickly.

Results: The new website and WordPress CMS system give ANERA a streamlined way to keep their new website fresh and dynamic.  With wonderful photography and compelling stories, ANERA is able to refresh content quickly, reach new audiences, and show donors that their contributions are having a important impact in the region. In addition ANERA reports in the last year with their new site and revised  AdWords efforts:

  • Average visit duration increased by 175%: from 00:45 to 02:12
  • Number of pages per visit increased by 65%: from 1.61 to 2.66
  • Bounce rate decreased by 19%: from 75.82% to 61.47%

“The new site makes the most of assets such as success stories and photographs and incorporates them in a way that encourages the user to explore more deeply.”
—Rami Azzam, director of online strategy & fundraising


Science and Engineering Indicators Tablet Edition

Goal: Looking to expand readership in the U.S. and internationally, the National Science Foundation turned to OmniStudio to create its first iPad publication app for the Science and Engineering Indicators (SEI), 2012 edition. A comprehensive source of high-quality, quantitative data on the U.S. and international science and technology, SEI is a biennial report that is highly respected by researchers, policymakers, and journalists.

Strategy: The cost of producing and hosting applications on the iTunes app store can be prohibitive for government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Omni partnered with Mag+, whose innovative publishing platform provides many customized options for publications created in Adobe InDesign.

Solution: Over 20 years of work with NSI provides us with in-depth knowledge of their 500+ page book’s composition structure. SEI’s tablet edition, downloadable for free on Apple’s App Store, and also available on the USA.gov app store, provides readers with the main volume’s text, figures and tables, as well as companion publications that help further highlight key findings from the report. The 2014 edition of the report will be available in March.

Results: NSF launched their first tablet edition in 2013 and they are reaching thousands of new readers. Omni’s expertise with Mag+ gives us first hand insight into its development plans and additional technical capabilities. Mag+, which is the platform of choice for Popular Science and New York magazines, has important features that make it an ideal platform for non-commercial publishers as well. These include:

• an affordable pricing structure that does not include download costs

• the ability to create apps that organizations can host on their own servers

• easy-to-update process for adding new publications to the app library

• a great support team that helps with app submission to Apple and Google Play

• free software updates

• push notification feature to communicate to users

The new SEI tablet app, now provides many new features for readers and NSF, including:

• social media sharing

• analytics that track readers’ sources and paths through the publications

• customizable store branding

• bookmarking pages

•  automatic dual orientation

•  the ability to add audio, video, HTML, pop ups


NACCHO’s National Profile Report and Website

Goal:  With hundreds of charts. tables, and pages of analyses about local health care governance, the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) needed a visually attractive and interactive way to present their 2013 Profile findings to members, policy makers, academia and the general public. In addition to a new look for its printed report, NACCHO wanted an easy way present and update information online.

Strategy: NACCHO’s communications staff turned to OmniStudio to rethink their publication’s content organization and design, including the branding for its overall 2013 National Profile initiative. Beginning with the Profile’s logo and printed report, strong emphasis was placed on clean, consistent data presentation. Our designers continued this streamlined approach for the new microsite. To expand NACCHO’s input in the planning stage, we presented wireframes and design concepts to NACCHO’s national advisory group, leaders from other cities, who contributed valuable ideas before the website was built. Omni also looked at tracking features for the new site, so NACCHO could learn more about how website users were accessing data, and which items were most popular.

Results:  Following the release of the printed report, Omni launched the new Profile microsite for NACCHO containing current and past reports, study instruments, GIS shapefiles, research briefs, and individual state reports. Built on the WordPress platform, the 2013 Profile site provides infographics and an intuitive architecture and navigation structure to guide users to hundreds of background materials. For certain types of bulk data access, a simple log-in is required so that NACCHO can track the frequency and type of downloads requested. Figures and tables are presented in a user friendly format, making it easy to view and share data. The new report and website give NACCHO a strong foundation to build on for future national surveys.

Features of the project include:

• Branding in print and online
• Microsite built in WordPress for easy administration
• Figures can be downloaded individually and by chapter
• Additional data, not in the printed report is easily accessible
• Log-ins and Google analytics track downloads and site traffic


ACLU State Affiliate Chapters

GOALS: The recent launch of ACLU-CT makes it the third state ACLU affiliate OmniStudio has consulted with to completely revamp its online presence. Ohio and Illinois affiliates, like Connecticut, sought Omni’s professional services to redesign and develop new sites that are more visually engaging, more intuitive to navigate and easier to administer.
STRATEGY: Omni worked with each affiliate to capture their individual missions and programs and share that information through a complete redesign. As with all web projects, Omni’s web team begins with a thorough analysis of the sites’ goals and audiences, wireframes and concept designs before moving forward with development. For Ohio, there was a need to also integrate with a robust CRM that included advocacy tools. For both Ohio and Connecticut, making their sites mobile friendly was a high priority. All of the affiliates required ways to easily tag their content so that it could appear in specific areas of the site, without having to be entered multiple times. For Ohio, they wanted a more robust event calendar that tied into their CRM. Omni’s experience with similar types of advocacy websites led us to good technical solutions for each state.

RESULTS: Omni moved each state to a more robust content management system, enabling smoother information updating and ways to provide resources for members, media and researchers. For ACLU-CT and OH, more recent sites, we incorporated responsive design to facilitate viewing across mobile devices. For all of the sites, new social sharing tools, and prominent calls to action will help them raise awareness for the work they do to preserve individual rights and liberties throughout their states.
Features we have incorporated into the ACLU sites include:

  • Visually attractive interface with videos and photography
  • Easy-to-share site content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or by email
  • Responsive design for better display on mobile devices (Ohio and CT)
  • Sign up integration for email
  • Detailed events listings with Google maps (CT, and integration with Salsa for OH)
  • Publications archives
  • RSS feed (CT)
  • Tagging for content promotion to different sections of the sites
  • Robust legal document and legislation filters (OH)


Life Skills Center Branding

GOALS: Every day the Life Skills Center in northwest Washington, makes a profound difference in the lives of adult men and women who have physical and intellectual disabilities. It’s the only bilingual center of its kind in the city, with Spanish speakers comprising half of its participants.  When we first met Life Skills we discovered that its visual identity was not aligned with the excellent quality of its services. Our goal was to give the Center a communications makeover with brand redesign, a new website, and marketing materials, to raise awareness and increase financial support for their programs.

STRATEGY: We began working with Life Skills in 2012, interviewing staff and participants, shooting photos and videos. During that year the Center hired new leadership and their programs were strengthened to concentrate on key areas such as: health and wellness, creative expression, travel, safety, advocacy and community integration. Omni’s creative team brought these programs to the forefront in the redesign of The Center’s website. It was a natural direction for the new site to bring to life the creative energy, supportive spirit, and positive home like atmosphere found at the Center. Omni also fulfilled the Life Skills need for redesigned print materials to support their in-person meetings with prospective clients and funders.

RESULTS: Life Skills redesigned logo and website captures both the creative and practical approach of the Center.  Their new site gives funders, family and the public a much clearer picture of current programs and activities. The new branding launch culminated with an Omni-sponsored exhibition of artists in 2013. Our staff worked across all levels of event planning to ensure success. From the redesign of the Center’s visual identity to event promotion strategy, to donation collection using digital solutions. With the launch of its new branding initiative, the Center has seen a 25% increase in donations and a 50% boost in web traffic.

Aid For Africa

Goal: Knowing that at least 40 percent of Internet users go online via mobile devices, Aid for Africa approached OmniStudio to help them reach those visitors and donors. Goals of the project included:

• A cost effective solution
• A site to compliment rather than replace the current website
• Streamlined approach aimed at increasing mobile giving
• Focus visitors on a limited number of site pages

Strategy: While it is possible to retrofit websites to make them responsive, meaning they stretch or shrink to fit various screen widths, this option was cost prohibitive for Aid for Africa. Similarly, developing a mobile application, which requires high-end development, design and marketing to get supporters to download the product, was too expensive.
Aid for Africa had clearly outlined goals they were looking to achieve with a mobile tool. Armed with five tasks and a limited budget, OmniStudio staff crafted a solution around a simplified mobile site.

Results: Aid for Africa’s mobile web solution, which brings the user to a condensed home page with key links, is easy to use and seamlessly integrates with the systems Aid for Africa already has in place, such as email marketing and donation tools.
With this new mobile site, there is no need to include special links in emails for mobile and desktop users. The platform automatically knows when users are on mobile devices or desktops and routes them to the appropriate site for their device.
Most importantly, donors have a simplified process for making donations on their phones. A recent study by Pew found that 56 percent of adults in the U.S. own smart phones and more of them than ever before are donating to causes like Aid for Africa the easy way—through their phones.


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